Best Essential Oils For Allergies 2021 – Buying Guide & FAQ

Best Essential Oils For Allergies in 2020Do you know that there is a 100% natural solution for your allergies?

It is safe, very simple to use and more importantly, it works perfectly.

Here we will discuss essential oils for allergies and all related to the term.

By the end of the content, you will learn all you need to know about the use of essential oils for this purpose, the best products that can help you and get answers to the questions you may have.

It is going to be an incredible journey that will make allergies a thing from the past.

Top 10 Best Essential Oils For Allergies 2021:

1. NOW Foods Lavender Oil

NOW Foods Lavender Oil review 2019

NOW Foods Lavender is one of those essential oils for allergies you just must try.  It is powerful and comes in 100% pure form. You should know that lavender essential oil is commonly rated as the best essential oil for all kinds of allergies.

It is the most effective, the most desirable and according to the user experience the most appealing to use. Of course, you can use various essential oils to get an even better result.

The essential oil we have here is made by steam distillation, which preserves the molecules of the extract and makes the oil even stronger.

At the same time, this method is the most efficient and reserved for the best brands, who have been providing the essential oils for decades.

Using the oil is as simple as it gets. All you need to do is to add a few drops to the diffuser or rub it to the affected area of the body and you are done. There is no need to add that the odor is the next best thing of all lavender essential oils.


Very effective
Obtained by steam distillation
Great odor
Can be used for different allergies


Lack of glass pipette
Small package

2. 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil with high conc. of Terpinen - A Known Solution to Help in Fighting Acne

100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil review 2019

Now we have an essential oil bottle which contains tea tree ingredients. This essential oil is powerful and comes with a lot of useful benefits. For instance, you can use it for acne, yeast infections, cold sores, and even dandruff. Of course, our primary accent is on the allergies. In that case scenario, you should be aware that tea tree essential oil is commonly considered as a compelling solution for most allergies.

The one in question is made in Australia but bottled in the United States. It doesn’t contain artificial chemicals or preservatives which ensures you will get the natural essential oil only.

Keep in mind that it is made by steam distillation as well as the first product on our list.

One of the many reasons why this product is helpful is in the Terpinen. This is the main ingredient to the tea tree essential oil, and as such, it offers all of the benefits we have mentioned earlier on.

We also liked the fact this oil is made of high-quality, fresh leaves which affect the potency and make it stronger in fighting off allergens. If you don’t prefer lavender oil due to some reasons, you are welcomed to try tea tree essential oil instead. It is a very desirable choice at the moment.


AAA quality
Made of fresh leaves
Terpinen concentration
Bottled in the United States


Strong odor
Customer support

3. Oraganix Fractionated Coconut Oil with Essential Oil Roller Bottles

Oraganix Fractionated Coconut Oil review

If you suffer from allergies that affect your skin, then this essential oil or better said the package is a great alternative. It is slightly different than other products you can find due to a simple reason. You get a bottle of coconut oil which is used as a carrier. What this means is that you can add other essential oils and get the best of both worlds.

Coconut essential oil is the best carrier due to the fact it is odorless and colorless. You won’t get a combination of flavors and smells that will have a negative effect on the result. We liked this combination, and we believe it deserves our full attention.

In the package, you will get four additional rollers. You can mix and match and find the one that works for you. The essential oil is an excellent choice for skin allergies and probably the most desirable one. Also, you can use it for the hair as well.


Excellent package
You can mix and match
Big bottle
Value for money


Requires a lot of time to find the best combo
Four additional bottles are not very big

4. Respiration (Breathe Blend) Essential Oil Roll On

Respiration (Breathe Blend) Essential Oil Roll On review

So, you are suffering from all kinds of allergies, and you have problems breathing through the entire spring? In that case scenario, you will need the Respiration (Breathe Blend) Essential Oil Roll On. It is purposely made for people who suffer from asthma, have issues breathing or suffer from cold. The secret is in the ingredients, and there are a lot of them.

There are over six different ingredients here. The first thing you will need to know is that all of them are 100% natural, have been tested before use and they are capable of fighting off different allergies. The main ingredients are oregano, lemon essential oil, coconut essential oil, and peppermint essential oil.

Put all of these essential oils in a small bottle, and you will get a powerful solution for all kinds of allergies. We must add that the package doesn’t contain artificial chemicals or anything similar. It is an all-natural product that gives you the best characteristics of all the essential oils implemented into a bottle.

We mentioned that there is coconut oil implemented as well. It is used as the binding agent for other essential oils. It is colorless and odorless, as we have mentioned in the previous review.


Great combination
Suitable for all kinds of allergies
Helps people suffering from asthma
100% natural ingredients


Strange odor
Weak bottle construction

5. ArtNaturals Essential Oils Rollerball Blends

ArtNaturals Essential Oils review

Now we have essential oils for allergies that come in the massive package. You get 8 of different oils, and each one has its list of benefits. For example, you get lavender oil which fights off allergies, peppermint that helps your breathing and so much more.

The main advantage here is the ability to try different essential oils for your particular allergy and see which one works the best. All popular and desirable essential oils are included, so the only thing you need to do is to try them out. Once you find the best option, you will use it for the next allergy episode.

The design of the bottles isn’t something we usually describe, but in this case, a scenario it must be mentioned. It is stunning and makes the entire package even better and more appealing for the users who pay attention to details. All essential oils here are 100% pure.


100% pure
Modern bottles
Eight different essential oils
Users can mix and match


User manuals

6. Best Peppermint Essential Oil By Sky Organics

Best Peppermint Essential Oil review 2019

It is organic, 100% free of any preservatives or chemicals in general and it is suitable for all kinds of allergies, regardless are they affecting your lungs or skin. The peppermint oil is excellent for those who want to use it as addition to soaps, baths or just use it for aromatherapy.

As you are well-aware, the peppermint essential oil has numerous properties. The critical element to consider is the oil that is pure and comes free of the chemicals, something we have just explained. This particular product is excellent for DIY projects so you can discover a new purpose for it.

This is all you will need to know. We liked the potency and the overall strength of the package. We also loved the effect it has on the people who suffer from different allergies and for those who can’t get satisfaction from other essential oils.


High quality
Powerful essential oil
Suitable for different allergies
Can be used for DIY projects


Strong odor
Shipping issues possible

7. Respiratory Essential Oil & Sinus Relief Blend - Supports Allergy Relief

Respiratory Essential Oil review

It will open your sinuses within seconds, and it will make sure you breathe clearly and with full lungs. The essential oil in question is a combination of different essential oils packaged in one bottle. You get peppermint, cedarwood, lavender among other ingredients. We must point out that all ingredients are natural and have been appropriately tested.

The unique ingredient compound works fast, and you can get the relief as soon as you run it on your chest or breathe in. Don’t forget that the odor is slightly stronger than usual and you may need some time to get used to it. Nevertheless, all users experience severe improvement when using the mixture.

As always we must say a few words about the lack of chemicals and artificial compounds. The mixture consists of natural, essential oils and ingredients that have been proven as allergy relief compounds.


Great odor
Interesting ingredients
A unique combination that works


You will need time to get used to the odor
One version available only

8. Healing Solutions Breathe Blend Essential Oil - 100% Pure & Natural

Healing Solutions Breathe Blend Essential Oil review

Here we can see two main advantages this package offers. The first is the price. It has been known as the most affordable of them all, and it is a great value for money. You will like using it, and you will be satisfied, as many users before you. At the same time, we can add that most users become frequent users of the product.

The next best thing or the following main advantage is the safety of the essential oil you can see. It is FDA approved, meets the ISO 9001 standard, and it has been used in countless surveys and studies. All of them found that it works and it is a powerful way to battle allergies.

Once again, this isn’t one type of essential oil; it is a blend of different ones. There is no need to add that all of them are natural and safe to use, without any side effects linked. As such, the odor is unique and very appealing if you ask other users.


FDA approved
Meets ISO 9001


Bigger bottle is expensive
Long shipping time possible

9. Respiratory Essential Oil Set 6-10 ml Pack Variety Kit

Respiratory Essential Oil review

Respiratory Essential Oil Set is considered as a kit rather than a single product. What this means is that you get six small bottles in the package. They are made of different ingredients, so you get essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, coconut, tea tree, lemon, etc. It is an excellent choice if you are still looking for an essential oil that will fight allergies.

Once you have discovered which essential oil works the best you are free to get it in more significant amounts and use it during an allergy episode. It is an excellent choice for newbies who are still looking for help of nature.

One, important thing we must add is the overall quality of the product. They use only the best ingredients, and they use it in strict amounts, so users get the best possible product. The manufacturing process is safe and responsible for providing the best possible results.


Kit package
Six different essential oils
Free of all chemicals


Small bottles
Lack of additional data

10. Breathe Essential Oil Blend 4 oz Respiratory Synergy 100% Pure Therapeutic

Breathe Essential Oil review

The last product on our list isn’t the worst; it is just different than the ones we have mentioned above. It is another mixture of the essential oils and ingredients, perfectly safe and made to meet the highest expectations. Breathe Essential Oil Blend 4 oz is useful for all kinds of allergies, colds, etc.

We liked the large bottle which is filled with pure essential oil combo. For those who find it useful in the battle versus allergies, this package is a decent choice that deserves your full attention.

The odor is special and different from all the others we were able to find. This isn’t a drawback, but some of you will need time to get used to it. The last but not least important, we liked the potency which is among the highest in the class. As such, this product has our full recommendations.


Big bottle
Safe to use
Effective versus different allergens
Tested and approved


Odor is questionable

Essential Oils For Allergies – Buyer’s Guide

So you are still looking for essential oils for allergies? To find the best possible choice, you will need to know which factors to implement to your quest. This is our next mission.

Which essential oil do you need?

Essential Oils For Allergies

The first thing to consider is which essential oil you will need.

There are several essential oils options here, and each one will be explained right now:

  Lavender is the most common choice. This essential oil fights of inflammation and prevents it from occurring again and again.
  Eucalyptus also fights inflammation, but it also helps with congestion. It provides a cooling effect which can help you breathe.
  Peppermint is also very useful due to the fact it expands the sinuses and helps you breathe normally.
  Tea tree is beneficial due to superb effects on the inflammation. Make sure to test it on the skin and see that you are not allergic.
  Mixtures are the best from multiple worlds. You merely get a combination of essential oil that can help when nothing else works.


Are you looking for a single essential oil in the package or multiple, different ones? This is the next thing to consider. If you know which essential oil works best with you, then there is no need to purchase multiple bottles. If you don’t know, then you need an essential oils starter kit to get the answer.

Bottle size

It is essential to add those different products come in different sizes. We always prefer larger bottlers. They last long, as you may know already and they are usually great value for money.

Essential Oils For Allergies 2019


  • Which essential oil is the best?

It is the one that works best with your body. It can be any of the ones we have mentioned.

  • Are essential oils safe to use?

Always choose 100% natural essential oil, and you will get the highest level of safety.

  • Can essential oils be used alongside medications?

Yes, there are no issues linked.

  • How many times do I need to use essential oil?

As often as you need it.

  • Can I digest essential oils?

Some can be digested while others can’t.  Tea tree must not be swallowed.

  • How can I test essential oil and see if I am allergic to it?

Rub it on the skin. If there is no allergic reaction, you are not allergic.

  • Can I use multiple essential oils at once?

Yes, you can.


For us and hopefully for most of you the NOW Foods Lavender is one of the essential oils for allergies you need to take into consideration.

It is safe to use, compelling and it is obtained from the steam destination.

Don’t forget other essential oils from the list if lavender doesn’t work with you.

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